Today I headed to the Warwick Polocrosse fields (Morgan Park) to document behind the scenes at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup. All teams have arrived from all corners of the globe, including Zambia, the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, South Africa and of course, Australia.  Today, they were assigned their horses by way of a draw. Each horses name was placed into a hat, drawn by an official and assigned to a pool (country). This is the fairest way to distribute the horses, as each player hasn’t ridden or met their horse prior to the competition. Once they have been assigned, they were placed in their stables, rugged and headed to vetting, to ensure that each horse is fit to play.

It was brilliant to meet all the teams, and view all of the horses that I might add are in immaculate condition and ready to play in this huge event. The grounds are green, soft and quite frankly, look spectacular. The flags of each country fly high on the side of the field, and the incredible volunteers are working tirelessly to put together what I believe will be a spectacular event. It kicks off on Monday, the 22nd of April, and it’s going to be a cracker 7 days.

I’m thrilled to be involved in such a world class event, and if you decide to come along, I really think that you will enjoy every moment.


My ideal job would be to walk around horse events, photograph the things that most people don’t notice or see significance in, and create a story from these captured moments. I love to talk to the people, meet their horses and their dogs, and learn their stories.

Because everybody has a story.

The Pryde’s Easifeed National Qualifying Horse of the Year

Today I headed out to the Toowoomba Showgrounds to take a look at the Horse of the Year National Qualifier competition. The first two place getters in each division will go on to compete in the National Horse of the Year at Boneo Park in Melbourne.

Despite the dust and the strong winds, all of the competitors looked incredible. The horses coats glistened, with their makeup done better than my own, their tails braided to perfection and their riders immaculate. This is my first of such events, and I was honestly taken aback by the incredible presentation of each combination. Oh, and don’t get me started on the gorgeous hounds! Showjumpers….the showhorse community is bringing out some pretty strong competition with their hounds on the grounds! (Don’t worry, Baxter, you are still number one)

Best of luck everyone in tomorrows competition. I look forward to seeing you all out on the arena.


Calico Pony


Gatton World Cup Class 2018

Hey guys

Here are some images from yesterdays World Cup. The images are the property of Calico Pony and Equestrian Queensland, so please, no pinching!  I worked really hard for four days to provide memories of the competition so please respect the rules. I am happy to do more slideshows if you are interested. Just let me know.

Thanks you for having me.



Pryde’s Easifeed Gatton World Cup 2018 – Day One

Day one of the PRYDE’S EASIFEED GATTON WORLD CUP is done and dusted. The Queensland sunshine is out and the weather conditions are perfecto for the next few days. There was some beautiful jumping to be watched today, and some incredibly gorgeous horses to be admired. Congratulations to all of the competitors. Whether you took home a ribbon or not, you all performed beautifully and admirably.

A massive thank you to all of the sponsors that support the competition. Without you, the event would not be possible and your support is greatly appreciated.

Please remember that for all your action shots, head to Oz Shots. I worked with the gorgeous Miss Cassie today, and I know that she will have delivered the goods for you all. Good night, and see you tomorrow bright and early.



Day one

Darling Downs Jump Club – June 2018

Sunday Fun-day……5 degree wind chill temperatures, 37 km/hr winds whipping my face 3 days after my last exfoliation and hydration facial and it’s jump club day! Honestly, the hardships of being an equine photographer.  40 or so brave little dedicated equine enthusiasts made it to the Pittsworth Showgrounds to spend 6 or so hours perfecting their position, meeting new height challenges and basically just whirling their ponies around the arena having some fun.

I have learnt over the last few years how strong and committed the equine community is. Mix that with a bunch of country kids and old bush turkeys (Desmond….) and it makes for a pretty darn good day and an awesome group of people.

Looking at the photos from yesterday got me thinking. There is a fair bit of talent out in the bush… talent that may never be recognised due largely to financial hardship suffered by farming communities in the midst of what is looking like a 20-25 year drought.  Their money goes towards feeding their stock, buying in water for their tanks and their animals (as they aren’t linked to town water as they are too far out), planting crops that probably won’t grow but hey, you can always hope, and just trying to keep the farm afloat for another year hoping that eventually, rain will fall from the sky.

We keep saying…’It eventually has to rain’ and we continue to believe that. It has too.

In 2019, I’m not going to do any further sponsorship or charity prints. I’m going to select a hard working, incredibly talented bush kid and help them further their own dreams and career. Why a bush kid? Because that’s where I am from. I am a farmers daughter. I was lucky…I grew up during a prosperous time where the seasonal rains came as promised by mother nature, and my dad was incredibly intuitive, clever farmer. But if that hadn’t have been the case, I would have been pretty darn stoked if someone had helped me to pursue a dream. SIDE NOTE: I never aspired to be a rider. I had the ‘Marine Biologist’ fever experienced by most 9-13 year old girls. Unfortunately I never achieved this goal, however I did swim with the dolphins at Dreamworld so I came pretty close.

Night guys.




Hi guys. Here are a few images from my time at Equestriad 2018 in Camden, NSW.  I am a little under the pump with other work at the moment, and i would give my firstborn for a quick nap, so my words here will be brief. I had a wonderful time wandering amongst the Eventers. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Shane Rose Eventing team, and i met so many new and wonderful people. I don’t think there is much more I could have asked for from my few days in Camden..well, maybe a little less sunburn, but that’s it. Have a good day.




Equestriad 2018

Today I arrived in Camden to shoot Equestriad 2018. What an amazing location, brilliant facilities and lovely organisers and competitors. I took a wander around the location today, learning the lay of the land and trying to work out how I am going to create some magic with my camera. Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone. I’m actually really excited about the next two days….so look out, people! I want you smiling when you see that big camera pointing your way.

Best of luck everyone. May you have a successful and safe weekend.




I took a step into the world of Equine Event Photography over the weekend, working alongside Britney from Blue Ribbon Photography to capture the Pryde’s Easifeed Warwick International. It was certainly a new experience, and it solidified the fact that I am a fine art equine photographer, not an event photographer! There is a real art to getting an image at the perfect moment, of a moving subject with lots of legs, a set of ears and you lot on board! High fives all round to the event photographers that shoot ten hour days, in the blistering heat, dust and the pressure of the perfect shot in the back of their mind. You guys do a fabulous job.

I must admit that I did learn a lot about the timing of photography and horse movement over the weekend, despite having been a professional photographer for 10 years now. And that knowledge will help me in my day to day work, so as far as I am concerned, it was two days well spent! I really took this on to further my own skills and to do something different from Calico Pony for a few days. I can tick the box of event photographer off my bucket list!

To all of the competitors at the event, your horses were immaculate and I noticed a great deal of affection and respect towards your horses. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of you compete, and I would love to come back one day to watch as a spectator and fully take in the skill that you present in your sport. Unfortunately,  I didn’t get to meet you all and hear your stories as i was shooting most of the time, however the people that I did meet outside of the ring, thank you for being so kind and for allowing me to shoot you and your horses. The following images are a snapshot of the event, something a little different from the norm. Oh, I loved meeting your dogs too! You will notice that ‘George’ the Spoodle features prominently in the post, mainly because everywhere I looked, there was George.

Finally, Pryde’s Easifeed. Although I don’t even compete in the equine world, your diverse support of the equine world is astounding. You are so professional, your product superior and your staff so approachable and kind.

Britney has all of the images from the event, so head over to Blue Ribbon Photography to make any purchases. She is the master, I am the disaster! I hope you all made it home safe and sound, and that your horses are in good stead.

And thank you for having me at your event. (Try and ignore the ‘@yourphotography’ jazz on the top right hand corner of the images. I have a new blogging tool and I couldn’t figure out how to remove it!)

Take care, team.


Calico Pony